How To Go Digital


A quick and easy guide to getting your business online.


Anyone would tell you that having an online presence for your business is crucial to making it in 2022 and the future. However it’s not always easy to figure out how to do that on your own. So here are a few easy ways to get your business online.


  1. Get On Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and most recently TikTok. Social media is the easiest and most affordable way to get your business online. Each platform is free to use and the standard features allow you to get quite far without spending a single cent. Your challenge is properly populating and keep these platforms going. Figure out your market, share with them, educate them and most of all do not bore or bombard them. Using social media platforms is the best way to easily establish your business in the digital space.
  2. Get A Website

    A website is what we call the digital version of your office. Your home page is your reception area and your whole website acts as a store or office for clients and potential clients to navigate. It will tell people exactly who you are, what you do and will allow them to access this information at any point in time. A website is not as easy to DIY as social media but it is still very possible. Sites like
    Wix have made it easier for people to set up their own websites. However if you do need professional help, reach out to a website designer or developer (of which we have both) and get an expert in to help you.
  3. Start A YouTube Channel

    This one isn’t for every business but it can be adapted to be beneficial to many businesses. People consume video content at crazy rates these days, YouTube being one of the leading platforms where they do this. If your business allows for interesting video content to be created for viewers then get on it. It’s an easy platform to navigate as a creator and people love learning about businesses through videos. And if you get enough subscribers… you could even get paycheque from YouTube.

  4. Get onto Online Directories

    Well, what did you think happened to Yellow Pages? The concept of a single place being available to find a large amount of individuals and organisations didn’t just disappear… it evolved. Online directories are a thing and listing your business with them is one way to get your business into the digital space.


Having some sort of online footprint is essential to your business and these are a few ways you can do it yourself. But if you’re feeling stuck, don’t be shy to reach out to us and we’re happy to get you expert help. Social media, websites, the general digital space is exactly what we do and we’re happy to do it for you.