Design Retainers & All Their Benefits


Retainers. Design retainers have been around for a long time and that is because they are a tried and tested system that work wonders for both clients and design agencies. There are a plethora of reasons to take on a retainer but we’re going to share some with you if you’re not quite sure what they could bring to you.


  1. Dedicated hours

    Retainers guarantee a set amount of hours dedicated to the client every month which can be very beneficial when you need work done within tight deadlines, with very specific specifications and mostly when you want to be working with people that know their way around your design needs.

  2. Consistency

    Consistency in design and quality is guaranteed when working with 9TX Media so that’s not the consistency we’re talking about here. When you choose to use a retainer you become very close to the team working with you. Everyone forms a bond but the most important bond formed is between the designer and your brand. As designers, we get to know brands the same way we get to know people and when retainers are involved we’re given the opportunity to really know a brand over a long period of time which gives us the advantage to know exactly where a brand has been, where it is going and where it could go.

  3. Time

    This may sound like an obvious advantage but when you look at it from a design stand-point, it is much more valuable than at first glance. Retainers are often agreed to on a 12 month contract, we do ours on a 6 month contract to offer clients more flexibility. When you have months guaranteed to be dedicated to your design needs, you open up the opportunity to take on long term projects. Marketing campaigns, app prototyping and development, brand expansion and more! Time is precious, this we know but with a retainer you get to make sure that time is always on your side.

  4. Value

    Everyone knows designers have set rates and often these rates are non-negotiable as everyone has set the value they’ve attached to them. The same goes for us. However, our retainers offer discounted rates, depending on which retainer you’d like to use. This way, the client can get the most value out of their retainers by getting exclusive hourly rates which add a lot more value overall.


These are just some of the best reasons to get yourself, your business or your brand a design retainer.


Super keen on getting one but not sure where to look? Don’t worry. 9TX Media offers design retainers. We offer a wide variety of retainers for you to have a look at and to decide what works best for you and your business.


Get in touch with us and let’s get you sorted with a retainer and all its shiny benefits.


Written by K.R.W Malete