About Us

In 2018, 9TX Media was founded by a young graphic designer yearning to establish a digital design empire in South Africa.


We have grown, shifted, changed, and even found new leadership along the way. However, our vision remains the same:

“Open Vision. Visionary Design”.


Hand-picking our team and making sure we function with vibrant, young, experienced, and wildly skilled creatives is how we ensure that we stay at the forefront of digital design.


We were founded on the premise of bringing local businesses and brands to life and helping them reach their exposure. Now, we want to take that initial goal and expand our empire.


Our team is dedicated and our clients become our family. We want those who work with us to get more than just incredible design work. We want you to have a distinguished experience. It is more than just the work for us, we want you to remember the team behind your dream.


In the coming years we want to keep expanding and capitalising on what made this company work since its conception in 2018. We will always strive to bring the best out of businesses and brands. We know what works and we will make it work for you.


Open Vision. Visionary Design.